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Chasing blue horizons? Travellers Choice has curated cruise tours for every world wanderer.

Scenic ocean cruises have never been more accessible as adventurers and leisure-seekers young and old are answering the call of the ocean. Travellers Choice has curated a smorgasbord of experiences with only one thing in common: the sea.

Sign up for an Antarctic ocean cruise and witness raw natural power from the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, where Emperor penguins huddle on pristine snow-capped shorelines and Victorian-era whaling equipment rusts in the salt-heavy air. Or if you’re part of the some that like it hot, head to the coconut-tree lined beaches of the Caribbean. Enjoy the view of imposing volcanoes plunging fertile banana and sugar cane valleys into warm shadow. Ocean cruises from here will take you to the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, some via the Panama Canal. Head up a Pacific cruise to the Galapagos Islands or cross to the land of glaciers, rare black sand beaches and long white clouds- New Zealand. Whether it’s cruising by the Rockies or the Barrier Reef, around Alaska, Vanuatu or Malaysia - the best ocean cruise holidays start at Travellers Choice. Leave it to us and we’ll make sure you return with the memories of a lifetime.

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Baltic Highlights

16 nights from $3,999*pp
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Alaska including Glacier Bay

10 nights from $2,599*pp
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Antarctica XXI Express Air-Cruise

6 days from $8,115*pp
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Canadian Rockies, Alaska & Arctic Circle

27 days from $17,570*pp
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Discover Eastern Canada & the Maritimes

17 days from $11,795*pp
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Explorer Dream's Relocation Cruise to Singapore

14 nights from $2,267*pp
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Icons of Western Canada & Alaskan Cruise

22 days from $13,070*pp
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Italy, Malta & Best of Greece

11 nights from $4,295*pp
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Jewels of the Baltic

10 days from $3,499*pp
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Mediterranean Empires

12 days from $3,599*pp
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Mediterranean Tapestry

12 days from $3,399*pp
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